– Posters Jornadas de Educación Médica 2010

Posters presentados por los Fellows FAIMER-FRILA en las Jornadas de Educación Médica de la UNAM 2010

– Improving Assesment of clinical competence using OSCE: Eskinder Weldetensaye, Michan Malca, John Tumbo, Zareen Zaidi

– Training Interns in group psycho education for chronic illnesses using a model of depression: Henal Shah

– Developement of a structured training program to enhance clinical skills of interns in managing common eye disorders: Harpreet Kapoor Christian

– Improving Teaching skills of clinical hospital-based tutors and faculty through a blended training course in teaching (BTCT): Jorge Garcia

– State Ethical education in UNAM medical residencies: Irene Durante

– Perspective of graduates of teh University of the Phillipines College of Medicine owards establishing a practice in the Phillipines: Dimacalie Coralie Therese

– Providing feedback using mini-CEX during final semester program: Pupsa Dewi Sari

– Student’s experience of learning as a factor in academic success: Diane Maning, Danette Mckinley, Shalote Chipamaunga

– Introducing  “Medical Humanism” in a school of medicine curriculum: Maria Bernarda

– Rheumatology Program with a primary health focus: Bezerra Elaine, Bezerra MJ Vilar, G.D. Azevedo

– Computer based learning environment on the most prevalent diseases in Colombia: Borda M. Ricardo

= Developing a web based ITEM bank: Ayhann Caliskan

– Epidemiology training needs Assessment in Vietnam: Ann Dao Minh

Sí usted esta interesado en el abstract de alguno de ellos estos están disponobles en la UNAM en este enlace.

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