– Reunión de OTTAWA 2010 Informe

FRILA MEETING IN MIAMI (may 18th 2010)

This meeting took place in Miami during the Ottawa Conference in Medical Education. The FRILA members that were present included: Ricardo Borda (Colombia); Melchor Sánchez (Mexico); Janet Bloomfield (Chile); Irene Durante (Mexico), Iván Solarte (Colombia); and  Astrid Valenzuela (Chile).

After the meeting we agreed on:

1)      The Project with Jack Boulet on designing a course in Spanish on Assessment that would be designed in such a way to be a course that could be in part given by FRILA faculty under Jack´s supervision. WE would help in the process of design and implementation as far as Jack considers appropriate. Ricardo Borda is in charge of this Project.

2)      OSCE in Chile: Jack Boulet is an invited guest. We would like to see some FRILA members present in this course. This will begin to integrate Latin-American fellows. We will try to save the audiovisual material so we can have it on the website as a course. J. Bloomfield y A. Valenzuela will be in charge of this Project.

3)      As FRILA name is to become widely known (we hope so). We will ask Samuel if there is any need to look on the copyright issue. Ricardo Borda is in charge.

4)      FRILA members’ database must be put up to date. Responsible: Irene Durante.

5)      The password for the members’ only section is 79142787.

6)      Mexican medical educators are launching a new journal on medical education. It could also be a journal to publish.

7)      In 2011, between October 5-7, Mexico is hosting a meeting on medical education focused on research. FRILA must have a workshop. Responsible for the Project Irene Durante.

8)      Research: Impact of an Online Ethics Course (Irene Durante) and Results of the Medical Examinees  of different medical schools in Latin-America in the USMLE: (Ivan Solarte)

9)      Propose to Brownie a Spanish version of the MedED Portal. (Responsible Ricardo Borda)

10)  Inventory of teaching resources that could be offered as resources on the FRILA website

11)  Explore the possibility of translating eVIP into Spanish.

Important News:

1)      There has been a significant progress in the Virtual Patients project. Dr. Lesley Southgate has been of an incredible  help. She referred me to Dr. Terry Pulton. We are working on software which is Openware and establishing a working relationship, or hopefully a partnership. One of the new projects could be a collaborative effort between FRILA members in developing eVP. I could train those interested and we could work together developing the cases.

Ricardo Borda

2)      We were invited to EXPODGTS by the Ministry of Health of Brazil. Francisco Lamus and Ricardo Borda will be present in the meeting that will take place in Brasilia between the 19-21 of July. Our objective is to see how Brazil Faimer institute operates, try to meet PAHO, OPAS officials and of course Brazilian Institute directors with whom we hope to be able to cooperate. We would like to thank Ralf for her help promoting FRILA with FAIMER Brazil and PAHO. Also Henry Campos and Eliana Amaral have been shown great interest in working together.